The Government of Canada has honored two former editors of Québec Studies, Karen Gould and Robert Schwartzwald, with the Governor General’s Award for International Canadian Studies.

The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States has awarded its highest honor, the Donner Medal, to former ACQS executive board members Mary Jean Green, Richard Beach, Jeanne Kissner, and Karen Gould.

The International Council for Canadian Studies presented its Certificate of Merit to ACQS executive board member and Québec Studies editor Jane Moss.

Prix du Québec

The Prix du Québec honors US based non-Canadian scholars for outstanding scholarship and service in the area of Québec studies. The award is made by the ACQS executive board in consultation with the Québec government at the biennial ACQS conference.

Past Winners:

    • Prof. Jeanne Kissner – 1994
      Prof. Robert Gill – 1996
      Prof. Martin Lubin – 1998
      Prof. Mary Jean Green – 2000
      Prof. Jane Moss – 2002
      Prof. Joe Lemay – 2004
      Prof. Émile Talbot – 2006
      Prof. Robert Whelan – 2008
      Prof. Roseanna Dufault – 2010
      Prof. Leslie Choquette – 2012
      Prof. Patrick Coleman – 2014
    • Prof. Kevin J. Christiano – 2016
    • Prof. Miléna Santoro – 2018


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given periodically to an individual for meritorious contributioins to the field of Québec studies. The award is not restricted by citizenship or academic affiliation. The award is made by the ACQS executive board in consultation with the Québec government.

Past Winners:

      • Prof. Robert Schwartzwald – 2006
        Prof. Raymond Pelletier – 2012
        Prof. Samuel Fisher – 2014
        Prof. Jane Moss – 2018