Québec Studies Conference Grant

In order to promote the study of Québec at conferences where Québec or Canadian Studies are not the primary focus (e.g. disciplinary conferences for history, political science, languages, linguistics, etc.) this grant offers up to $250 of support towards conference registration fees for ACQS members presenting on Québec or Francophone North America.

Applicants should submit their conference acceptance notice and abstract to be considered for this grant. If chosen for the grant, applicants must submit a receipt of their conference registration and reimbursement will be issued after the conference date.

Given that this is an outreach initiative we ask grant recipients to tag the #ACQS in a social media post related to their conference presentation and include the ACQS logo on your conference slides or submit a brief report about their presentation to be included in our newsletter.

To be considered for this grant, please send the following information to Dr. Yulia Bosworth (bosworth@binghamton.edu):

  • Name of conference and sponsoring organization
  • Date and location of conference
  • Title of presentation
  • Abstract
  • Cost of registration

Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis and are limited to one grant per 12-month period. We look forward to learning how you represent the ACQS in other spaces!