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Québec Studies is the bilingual, interdisciplinary journal published by the American Council for Québec Studies in collaboration with Liverpool University Press. The journal publishes articles, review essays, and book reviews on all aspects of Québec and North American Francophone history, society, culture, and language. Articles cover colonial and political history, party politics, healthcare policy, literature and film, language and language policy, minority Francophone societies, cultural pluralism, urban development, gender issues, indigenous writing and cinema, etc. Special dossiers have focused on Franco-Ontario, Franco-America, Translation, Anglo-Québec Writing, The October Crisis, Queer Québec, Literature in the New Millennium, Research by Young Scholars, etc.

Québec Studies is a refereed scholarly journal published twice yearly and distributed to members of ACQS and libraries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Current and back issues are available on the Liverpool University Press website: http://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/loi/qs

Requirements for submission to Québec Studies:

Québec Studies publishes articles dealing with all aspects of Québec, Francophone Canadian, and North American history, society, and culture. The editors of Québec Studies welcome interpretive or theoretical essays, book reviews, and interviews in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. Interdisciplinary essays are particularly encouraged. Issues devoted in part to a single topic or major cultural figure will appear regularly and occasionally we will include pedagogical articles.

Articles may be in English or French. Submissions should be 7000-7500 words, including endnotes and references. In order to assure anonymity during the review process, the author’s name should not appear on the manuscript. Submissions must be made electronically as a Word document in an e-mail attachment; the e-mail message should include the manuscript title, author’s name and mailing address, 200-word abstracts in French and English, as well as a 100-word biographical note. Please include the term “Submission” or “Soumission” in the Subject line of your e-mail.

References should be made parenthetically (no footnotes) following the Chicago Manuel of Style author/date system; a list of Works Cited (Ouvrages cités) should follow the article. Endnotes should be limited in number and serve an explanatory function only. If the essay is written in English, Québec Studies requires the punctuation conventions of American English, and that commas and periods be inside quotation marks. If the essay is written in French, Québec Studies requires the use of « guillemets » followed by the appropriate punctuation. Otherwise, however, English-language spacing and punctuation conventions are followed (for example, no espace insecable before semi-colons and colons). Articles returned to contributors for revision will be accompanied by a Style Sheet. It is the responsibility of the contributor to adhere scrupulously to the Style Sheet when preparing a final version of the manuscript.

Manuscripts in the humanities should be addressed to Amy J. Ransom, Editor-in-Chief. E-mail: ranso1aj@cmich.edu
Manuscripts in the social sciences should be sent to Leslie Choquette, Associate Editor, Social Sciences. E-mail: lchoquet@assumption.edu

Book Reviews will be published only by invitation. Québec Studies does not review creative or self-published works.
Juliette Rogers, Book Review Editor. E-mail: jmrogers@macalester.edu

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