On September 28, 2019, the American Council for Québec Studies, the Ohio State University, and the Québec Office in Chicago will be hosting a seminar called “Québec in and for the 21st Century: Art, Culture, Innovation.”  As principal guest speaker and performer, we have the great fortune of having the Québécois singer Gregory Charles, an extremely popular radio host, musician, director, and actor, who has won the Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award for his musical achievements.  His talents and skills are diverse, as are his own origins (he was born to parents of Trinidadian and French Canadian descent).  He will be engaging with students throughout the day (talking to them about the important role la chanson québécoise has played in shaping Québec’s linguistic and cultural identity), prior to a free concert in the evening at the Granview Heights High School.  Other key moments of the day will include expert presentations and discussions of Québec as a key and vital figure for learning and teaching, from Québec’s globe-straddling cirques to its innovative role in creative and industrial design:  instructors and students from across many interests and disciplines are welcome!

We are thrilled to share that we plan to offer, in collaboration with our colleagues at Granview Heights, certificates for contact hours for high school teachers.   We are furthermore delighted that professors from Ohio Wesleyan and Denison will join our colleagues from OSU and from Montreal in our presentations and discussions.  This promises to be a very exciting event.

Any questions, please contact Wynne Wong, at wong.240@osu.edu.  More details, including for event registration, will follow!