As part of its mission to promote the teaching of Québec, Francophone Canada, and Franco-America, ACQS sponsors Regional Outreach Seminars. The purpose of these events is to gather together new or potential “Québécistes” (especially junior faculty, advanced graduate students, and high school French teachers) from a specific region of the U.S. for a one-day meeting to learn more about the various activities and opportunities that are available in Québec studies. Each day-long seminar has included presentations on ACQS, AIEQ, ACSUS, CIÉF, and the government of Québec to inform the audience of grants competitions, conferences, publications, and research groups, among other activities and events that promote Québec studies. In addition, participants hear talks from speakers with information and materials for adding Québec content to courses. These one-day “immersions” into Québec research and teaching opportunities are designed to encourage participants to consider pursuing their new interest in Québec studies, perhaps by joining ACQS and attending a future conference or visiting Québec. With the support of the Québec Government, Outreach Seminars have been held at the University of Southern California (2010), the University of Notre Dame (2010), Kennesaw State University (2012), and the University of Buffalo (2013). The next Outreach Seminar is being planned for Davidson College (NC).