Course Syllabi

Below are a listing of Québec related courses offered at universities in North America. You can contribute course syllabi by sending an electonic copy to the ACQS Secretariat.

Quebec Society and Culture, University of North Texas, FREN 5740 Syllabus

Québécois Literature and Culture, University of Mary Washington, FREN 335 Syllabus

Understanding Modern Quebec, Binghamton University, FREN 380 Q Syllabus

Introduction to Québec Society, Carleton University, CDNS FINS 2510R Syllabus

Culture and Literature in Québec, Hoftra University, FR142 Syllabus

Québec Literature, Hoftra University, FR198 Syllabus

Sovereignty and Québec: A Literary and Cultural Perspective, Hofstra University, FRLT52 Syllabus

Culture, Society, and Language in Québec, Arkansas State University, FR4503 Syllabus

The Québec Novel, Arkansas State University, FR4503 Syllabus

Tour de l’Amérique du Nord: Following the French in North America, Canisius College, FRC350 Syllabus

Seminar in North American French, University of Maine, FRE542 Syllabus

Québécois Literature before 1960, Saint Mary’s University, FRE4451 Syllabus

Québécois Literature II, Saint Mary’s University, FRE4452 Syllabus

Paralittérature, Saint Mary’s University, FRE4455 Syllabus

Contemporary Francophone Culture: Québec, Morocco, and France, Kennesaw State University, FRE4455 Syllabus

Québec Contexts, Wilfrid Laurier University, PO201 Syllabus

Contemporary French Canada, Georgetown University, FREN333 Syllabus

French/Francophone Film: Québec Classics, Georgetown University, FREN380 Syllabus

Contemporary Québec Society in Film, Georgetown University, FREN434 Syllabus

Modern French-Canadian Literature: Women’s Wor(l)ds in the Québec Novel, Georgetown University, FREN478 Syllabus

Urban Fictions of Montréal, Georgetown University, FREN481 Syllabus

Le Québec: histoire, culture, langue et cinéma, Duke University, FR140 Syllabus