F.A.Q. Postponement

Proposals-Related Questions


  1. If I have already submitted a paper or session proposal, do I need to resubmit in 2021?

No need to resubmit if you still plan on attending ACQS in 2021. Your 2020 submission will be carried over to 2021.


  1. What if I submitted a paper or session proposal, but am now uncertain about being able to attend in 2021?

We certainly hope you will join us in 2021, but we understand if you are not able to. Please contact Yulia Bosworth (bosworth@binghamton.edu) to withdraw a proposal. You can certainly re-submit in early 2021 if your plans change and you decide to attend.


  1. What if I submitted a paper or session, but am now uncertain about the topic. Can I change my topic?

Certainly! In this case, however, we ask that you not withdraw your current proposal so that we have a sense of number of participants. You can simply submit the new topic in early 2021, making a brief note that “this replaces my 2020 proposal”.


  1. What if I had planned to submit a proposal for the 2020 conference, but hesitated due to the uncertainty. Can I submit now?

Yes; the portal is open and will remain until next year.


  1. Will there be another call for submissions for the 2021 conference and a new deadline?

Yes. The call for submissions is up and running right here! The deadline is April 1, 2021.


  1. What if I already registered for the conference?

If you plan to participate in the 2021 conference, the amount will be credited; if you cannot participate, you can contact the treasurer, Mark Richard (mark.richard@plattsburgh.edu), for a refund of your registration fee up to two months prior to the conference.


Membership-Related Questions


  1. If I pay my ACQS dues now (or have already paid), will I need to repay my membership dues in 2021?

The membership dues calendar will not be affected by the change in conference date. Our current two-year membership cycle will be 2020-2021, so if you pay dues now, you will only need to pay conference registration in 2021. For the financial health of the organization, we do ask that you renew your membership now instead of waiting until the conference approaches. Keeping current in your dues will also ensure the continuity in the delivery of your subscription to Québec Studies. Your ACQS membership will need to be current to participate in the conference.


Other Related Issues


  1. Was the potential conflict with the biennial ACSUS conference considered by ACQS leadership?

Absolutely! We considered a variety of options to avoid organizing ACQS in an odd-numbered year, but the hotel had very few open dates remaining. We are happy to be in conversation with ACSUS leadership about potential synergy between the two conferences.


  1. Can I attend both ACQS and ACSUS in the same year?

Absolutely! Those concerned about writing two conference papers due around the same time, might consider writing their ACQS paper as if our conference were carrying on for 2020.


  1. What will happen to future ACQS conference dates?

This is a one-time change due to extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19. In 2021, we will already be planning our next conference to be held in Baltimore, October 20-23, 2022.


  1. Will this change have any impact on the publication of Québec Studies?

Because the business of the journal can all be carried out electronically, the COVID-19 has had no impact whatsoever on Québec Studies. However, because members often consider submitting revised conference papers to the journal for review, we do have concerns about a shortfall of submissions in late 2021. If you were considering this option (or proposing a special dossier organized around a conference session), please consider developing your topic as an essay for submission to Québec Studies prior to the 2021 conference presentation. It is acceptable academic practice to present a paper on work that is under consideration or will soon be published. For any questions regarding submission to Québec Studies, please contact the editor: Amy J. Ransom (ranso1aj@cmich.edu).