The ACQS is delighted to announce the new slate of executive board members who will begin their two years of service in January 2024 as they were approved and voted on by the Membership. The new slate of officers is as follows:



Yulia Bosworth, Binghamton University


Vice-President and Conference Chair:

Olivia Choplin, Elon University



Holly Collins, Baylor University



Erin Edgington, University of Nevada – Reno


As stated in the ACQS constitution, Kate Harrington will remain on the Executive Board as Past President for two years. We would like to recognize and thank outgoing Past President Charles Batson and outgoing Treasurer Mark Richard for their outstanding service to the organization–and without whose dedication and good humor the weathering of the past three years would have been nearly impossible! We also wish to thank those who are willing to serve our organization in new roles.