Our outreach seminar “Quebec in and for the 21st Century: Art, Culture and Innovation” is just a few weeks away on September 28 at Grandview Heights HS. We are very fortunate to have Gregory Charles, one of the most prolific performers and media personalities of Quebec as our star speaker. Please take a moment to look at the website to register and to see all the activities we have planned. All activities are free.  [We request registration by Sept 15th, if possible.]


Besides Gregory Charles’ talk and concert, the day will include expert presentations and discussions of Quebec as a key vital figure for learning and teaching, from Quebec’s globe-straddling cirques to its innovative role in industrial design and public education. 

Besides being a musical genius, Gregory Charles is also an author, an entrepreneur, and an educator. His father, who was of Trinidadian descent, was a friend of Martin Luther King and was very active in the civil rights movement. He married his French-Canadian mother at a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in most of the U.S. In addition to talking about music, Gregory (who is a polyglot) will also talk about the importance of learning languages. He will also talk about the innovative virtual program he just launched called Je suis Québécois to help new immigrants learn the language and culture of Quebec. In the evening, he will give a free concert to the public. Gregory was a child musical prodigy and today he is known as the “human spotify” because he can sing and play virtually any song on demand. He also knows hundreds of songs in Japanese, German, Spanish, and Chinese. 

To kick off the event, we will also be screening the film “Bon cop, bad cop” at the Gateway Film Center on campus on Friday September 27 at 6:00 pm. 

We are thrilled to share that we plan to offer, in collaboration with our colleagues at Grandview Heights, certificates for contact hours for high school teachers.

Please share this info widely. Many thanks in advance for your support of this exciting event!